Lato Boutique Hotel

I expected everything on Crete to have a rough and rustic feel. After all, this Greek island was home to one of Europe’s earliest civilizations and has history that goes back thousands of years. It’s the mythical land of King Minos and the minotaur, a place whose name conjures images of crumbling stone walls.

So imagine my surprise when I arrived at the Lato Boutique Hotel in the city’s capital of Heraklion. This small, stylish hotel single-handedly smashed every preconception I had about lodging on Crete.

Everything about Lato, beginning with its elegant entryway and post-modern lobby, has the sleek, attractive feel of a trendy New York or Paris hotel. The lobby is decked out with glass, chrome, and furniture that looks like it was lifted from a local artist’s home. Guest rooms are attractive as well, with bright colors and interesting accents. Each room is slightly different from its neighbor to give each space its own personality. Rooms facing the sea also have spacious balconies with lovely views of the water and the nearby Venetian Fortress.

Amenities include several restaurants and bars, including a new rooftop eatery specializing in fresh seafood, salads, and other Greek delights. One of the indoor restaurants serves an amazing buffet breakfast that will easily keep you full until lunchtime or beyond.

The hotel’s location couldn’t be better. Situated on a quiet side street, it’s an easy walk to the center of town and many of Heraklion’s attractions, including several nice museums. Then again, Lato’s charms are so abundant that you might have a hard time prying yourself away from this fantastic hotel.

Lato Junior Suite
Lato Double Room