AVA Hotel & Suites

Sometimes location really is everything. But if you don’t have to sacrifice quality or comfort to enjoy that perfect location, you might just feel like you’ve landed in heaven—and in Athens, home of the ancient gods and goddesses, that feeling couldn’t be more appropriate.

Guests of the AVA Hotel & Suites couldn’t ask for a better spot to lay their heads each night. Situated on the edge of the trendy Plaka district, the AVA is within easy walking distance of many of the city’s best attractions.
Stand on your balcony and look west for a nice view of the Acropolis. Then turn your head to the east and you’re staring at the Temple of Zeus. The Roman Forum, National Gardens, and all those wonderful shops and restaurants in the Plaka area are just a short stroll away.

And while the outside is fantastic, the AVA’s interior is just as stunning. The rooms and suites combine all the best elements of a luxury hotel and a home-away-from-home. That means spacious rooms, kitchenettes, and bathrooms so big you’ll wonder if you’re really in Europe. A complete renovation in 2010 also gave the rooms a fresh look that’s both stylish and functional. But the best part of your trip will probably be the personal care and attention you get from the AVA’s staff. You’ll feel like you’re staying in a wealthy relative’s guest room rather than a hotel.
The AVA’s owners claim that their name either stands for Amazing View of the Acropolis or Amazing Vacation in Athens. Their guests are likely to say that both names fit the hotel perfectly.


AVA Standard Suite

AVA Executive Suite


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