South Florida's Best Diversion? Homestead, Naturally you’ve seen the name Homestead while visiting South Florida, chances are you glimpsed it on a road sign somewhere between Miami and the Florida Keys. Tucked between the glitzy mecca of beaches and malls to the north and the laid-back, margarita-drenched tourist haven to the south, Homestead seems meek and anonymous when compared to its famous neighbors. It does have attractions of its own, although most of them are of the natural, organic variety—sights that rarely earn the glowing adjectives bestowed by guidebooks. But while few would choose the town as their prime vacation destination, passing through Homestead without stopping would be a crime. Like that fascinating little gift shop in the airport terminal, Homestead is a fun and worthwhile distraction while you’re traveling from point A to point B.

Eiffel Tower's New Attraction is a Clear Winner

It's easy to see the appeal of the Eiffel Tower's newest attraction---and it's easy to see through it as well. As part of the Paris icon's recent $38.4 million dollar renovation, designers added a glass floor on the first level of the popular landmark. Visitors now have an unimpeded view of what's going on 187 feet below them, adding a new dimension to an already stunning view.

Coinciding with the tower's 125th anniversary, the renovations also include a new restaurant, shops, and a museum.

Universal Orlando: Summer's Hottest Vacation Spot

Summer is coming up fast, and you know what that means. No school. More time off from work. Longer vacations—the kind that stretch on forever, the ones you wish would never end. So why not make this year’s summer trip the biggest and best ever? And if you’re heading to Florida, only one place guarantees a vacation that’s bigger than life—Universal Orlando.

El Loco: The Newest Thrill Ride in Las Vegas

Finding a sure bet in Las Vegas isn't easy, but here's one for you: the new El Loco roller coaster at the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino is sure to knock your socks off. The indoor ride only last 72 seconds, but designers have packed every thrill imaginable into that small window of time including barrel rolls, doughnut rolls, an assortment of wild twists and turns, and an inverted drop. Be prepared to scream louder than a winner at the craps table. Read more about it HERE

Transformers: The Ride-3D

Spring Break is fast approaching, and that means families across the country will be heading out for fun and excitement. If you haven't experienced Transformers: The Ride-3D yet, which just opened in 2013 at Universal Orlando Resort, what are you waiting for? This state of the art thrill ride is the perfect way to kick start your vacation! Read all about it HERE

Wilderness at the Smokies

It would be a shame to visit the Great Smoky Mountains region of Tennessee without ever venturing outside to admire the scenery, but that’s almost what happened to us when my family booked a stay at the Wilderness at the Smokies resort. With so much to see and do—not to mention a fun, family-friendly atmosphere that rivals the hotels at Disney World or Universal Studios—you might have a hard time luring your kids outside for a hike or a nature walk. Don’t worry about them turning into couch potatoes, though, because the resort’s activities will keep the kids on the move all day long.