About Smart Trips

Ty Treadwell/Santorini, Greece
Savvy travelers know that the cheapest hotel normally isn’t the best hotel—but sometimes the most expensive one isn’t, either. They also know that there’s a time to stick to your guidebook and a time to stray off the beaten path. After all, some of the best memories from your trip might come from places you’ll never read about in a brochure. To make the most of your vacation, there’s only one rule: do it the smart way.

Traveling smart doesn’t just mean managing your money; it also means managing your time, energy, and resources. It means knowing when to splurge and knowing when to save. It means checking out that tiny museum on a quiet side street while everyone else is cramming into the must-see tourist attraction, then hitting the big attractions after the crowds are gone. It means taking shortcuts, finding bargains, discovering hidden travel treasures, and coming back home with plenty of money and plenty of memories. To do that, you can’t just travel well—you have to travel smart.
Ty Treadwell is a professional writer and lifelong travel buff who has sold over 150 articles and essays. He has written for Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, the ASU Travel Guide, Destination Marriott, Points North, the CBS web site, and many other media outlets.

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